Why I Haven’t Skated

A lot of people have been inquiring so I figured it was time to write a post.

I realize the most recent chapter in my attempt to learn how to skate came to a bit of an abrupt stop. The same can be said about my situation. Over the past little while…actually since late May…woah that’s a long time…my health hasn’t been up to par.

My leg was inflicted with multiple infections to which I couldn’t understand why they were happening or what could be done about it. I straddled along my daily life as best I could, though missing classes and social gatherings became a constant.

Eventually I had to deal with the fact I needed to institute some sort of lengthy rest/therapy period in order to set things right to at least get my day-to-day life in order. This is why I haven’t been able to risk going out for  a skate at this time and messing with what has been a grueling process. Making my classes is just a higher priority, completing my work shifts is just too important, and that’s just the reality.

Thankfully, I’ve been starting to feel a lot better and the rest/altered physical activity has been a big part of it. I’m still not fully healed, however, though there’s good reason to be optimistic with my approach to recovery.

The hope is, God willing, to skate soon enough. I await anxiously.



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