Top 5 Dion Phaneuf Hits as a Maple Leaf

Phaneuf Picture

Dion Phaneuf always had the ability to lay out a huge hit. If you were an opposition player entering the zone with your head down, watch out. They didn’t come as often in Toronto as they did in Calgary for various reasons, but when they did come they hurt hard and left a huge thump.

The current Maple Leafs young guns are going to have to do just that when they face their former captain tonight.


Here are the top five Dion hits as a Maple Leaf:

5) Oshie goes down

Oshie had his head down. Paid for it:


4) Stepping into Hornqvist 

I remember watching this live and feeling a thunderous vibration through the cores of my bones:


3) Bowen Lights Up!

Maybe the best part about this hit is the reaction from Joe Bowen. But the there had to be something to react to and it was big:


2) A soured up Sauer 

Unfortunately for Mike Sauer, he didn’t play another NHL game after this. It wasn’t a dirty hit by any means, but Phaneuf once again preyed on a player looking down:


1) Da Costa is Eliminated 

The helmet came off, the player went down, and the rival Senators were left embarrassed. Good thing Stephane Da Costa no longer plays for Ottawa and has to make friends with the guy that did this to him. The most memorable Dion hit:

Say what you want about Phaneuf’s tenure in Toronto, but we likely won’t see someone entertain us like this for a while.

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