Top 5 Dion Phaneuf Goals as a Maple Leaf


Phaneuf Shoots

Tonight the spectacle is at the Air Canada Centre where former Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf returns for the first time to face his old team since being traded to the Ottawa Senators in a nine player trade.

Towards the end of his Toronto tenure, the goals dried up for Phaneuf scoring just seven goals in the last three seasons. A stark difference from the first four seasons where he was able to tally an average of nine goals per season with the Leafs.

Ahead of tonight’s game, we take a look at some of his best goals as a Maple Leaf:

5) First as a Leaf 

It took a while to come and it wasn’t pretty, but Phaneuf’s first goal with the Maple Leafs:


4) Classic Phaneuf Goal 

A classic Phaneuf one-timer on the power play, the thing he’s done to make a living in the NHL. Does it against his now current team and smashes the goal camera for good measure:


3) Beating Miller 

I’ve always said there weren’t many players in the league that could beat a goalie straight-on with a shot from the blue line. Phaneuf was one of those that could, and he did it Ryan Miller here:


2) Clutch against the Canes 

The offensive pressure the Leafs were applying to the Hurricanes was relentless. Finally they broke through and it was Phaneuf with a clutch shot:


1) The Big One 

Without a doubt the most memorable goal in Phaneuf’s tenure in Toronto. After making a costly pinch in game four that lead to a David Krejci OT goal, Dion made up for it with a huge goal in game six:


Honourable mention: First as Captain 

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