Huge Day Tomorrow + Day 6 Progress

Where does the time go.

I’m just realizing it’s been more than a week since the last time I went skating. Finding the time to go out has been incredibly difficult. Not only has my schedule been a mess, but aligning it with my brother’s schedule, who I need to accompany me now that my friend is away at school, isn’t going well either.

And sure, I’ll throw it in there. Laziness has been a factor too.

A week ago, I did hit the ice for the sixth time. I wanted to post the video with the seventh day, but alas, here we are and the seventh day is yet to come.

(that shadow who’s head I keep skating over is my brother in flight)


HUGE Day Tomorrow 

Everything changes tomorrow.

My wonderful prosthetic engineers have been working extremely hard over the next few weeks to reveal tomorrow what will be a brand new prosthetic leg for me.

The anticipation has been killing me.

Not only will the leg offer new upgrades technologically, but it will also be more aesthetically pleasing to me. For a person in my situation, a prosthetic is everything for me.

One of the engineers likened it to. “Buying a new car.” Good analogy, but it’s so much more than that.

I absolutely cannot wait and I don’t want to say anything more at this point.

However, a new leg means a whole set of new adjustments I’ll need to make. Will I be able to walk properly right after putting it on for the first time? Will other adjustments have to be made? Can I play ball hockey again this Sunday like I usually do?

I honestly don’t know what will happen tomorrow but regardless, it will be exhilarating as heck.


What have I been busy with? Well, rants for Sports Presentation class for one! Here’s a taste:




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