Day 4 and 5: Fevers, Pains, and Pushing Forward

I was forced to take a few days off. Swatted with fevers and pains,  the reality of putting my physical capabilities to test started wearing on me. A couple of falls shook my body, and I needed to have some rest.

But I was back on the ice Saturday evening. What became quickly apparent was I almost felt like I forgot what was learned the last few sessions. Getting on the ice Saturday was really challenging, even with the aid of the blue skating assistant.

Eventually I settled down and focused on building up strength to push forward on Day 4.

Knowing how I felt after the many days off in between, I made sure to hit the ice again the next day. That feeling of forgetfulness wasn’t there anymore, and I quickly made headway skating on my own without the assistant.

I made sure to keep along the boards in case I lost my balance, which I did many times. The second my prosthetic side would align in front of the center of my body, it would run on me. I don’t have the ability to resist and hold it back quick enough like I do on the natural side.

In saying that, a huge problem I found was the amount of pain my natural foot was going through burdened with an imbalance of weight. I’m not balancing my weight properly at this time, and the natural side is doing the brunt of the work and feeling the effects.

Below is a clip of the progress made on Day 5, where I pushed forward like the previous day but this time, without the skating assistant.



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