Day 3: Big Time Progress

The first time I stepped onto the ice, I felt like I’d never be able to simply stand straight on the ice without falling or holding anything.

Now it feels like an afterthought. Very easy. Automatic.

Yesterday, my skating session involved so much more. Moving forward and actually taking steps, which I believe was a huge sign of tangible improvement.

The first couple of sessions were so much about psychological improvement, and now I’m establishing physical improvements.

Below is a video of the progress made on day three:

Not only was I able to hobble on the ice without assistance, I found a way to get up off the ice, too. I fell a couple of times, but both times I was able to get up under the resources of my own body parts. Although my legs felt quite a bit of pressure, I imagine they’ll get stronger as I get used to it.

What I’m noticing is my left foot is feeling quite sore during the skating sessions. This is because I’m not balancing weight properly. My left side is doing most of the work and my prosthetic side, the right leg, is just haggling along.

I have a meeting set up with my physiotherapist later this week. Hopefully I can get some tips on better weight balancing.


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