Step One: Picking up a pair of Skates

I’m shocked.

If someone were to tell me shopping for skates would be one of the easiest shopping experiences of my life, I’d have told them they were as crazy as those who thought Garret Sparks would be 3-1-0 in the NHL by December 12th, 2015.

With the many troubles I’ve had in the past shopping for clothes/shoes, my prosthetic leg has always been a variable to account for. Finding the right size, establishing some control, standing up on both sides, these were issues I projected to be of conflict.

At the end of the day, there weren’t many issues at all.

Yesterday night I went down to Sportcheck with my brother and a friend. The very first skate I put on would be the one I left the store with.

We were quickly greeted by some awesome customer service. A sales rep for Sportcheck by the name of Jordan measured my foot size and suggested a pair of skates generally meant for beginners. The Ribcor SC87-26 pump.


Best of all, usually priced at $199.99, they were on sale for $69.99 and there was only one remaining for my size. He engaged with me really well, genuinely committed to understanding my situation and providing all the help I needed. That’s more than I could have asked for.

Usually I’ve had difficulty with new shoes since the artificial foot isn’t able to flex and move like my regular foot does. So when putting on shoes, I’m more so ramming the foot in as opposed to sliding it in.

To my surprise, the foot popped in right away without any trouble. I kept pushing the bottom of the skate towards the foot thinking it wasn’t in!

The skate felt a little loose since the artificial foot didn’t have the width that my real foot did, but thanks to the pressure pump features on the skates I could help compensate for that. Also, a pair of wax laces should help “lock” it in place, especially since I won’t have to worry about blocking blood flow by tightening as hard as possible!

I sat with the skates fresh out of the oven! Jordan offered to give them a good bake to help with the “breaking in” process. I gladly obliged.

The skates felt as great as new skates can feel on someone’s feet.

I was sweating a little bit from nerves, but standing up proved to be easy. There was a bit of a problem with weight transferring while getting up and down but once I got there it felt fine. Hopefully with more experience I’ll learn to better balance the weight on both sides.

Step one is out of the way. The next step is hopefully hitting the ice for the first skate. Right now I plan on it later in the week.

Unfortunately, this man’s production is dropping in the NHL but he remains one of the best to ever play the game. 


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